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Student Comments

Instructor Comments

  • Benchmark submitted on time?
    • Yes
  • Rubric submitted on time?
    • Yes
  • How well does the model support the original hypothesis?
    • Reasonably well discussed.
  • Support for hypothesis and assumptions from other data in the literature?
    • Some discussion; could be stronger.
  • Limitations of results?
    • Some discussion; could be stronger.
  • Discrepancies and how they affect conclusions?
    • No discussion of discrepancies.
  • Relationship to other work in the field?
    • Some discussion; could be more in depth.
  • Discussion of future work
    • Very brief discussion.

On the whole, this is a fair to good first draft of the discussion section of the term paper. Even if you were only able to obtain qualitative agreement to the results in the original paper (because it did not specify detailed parameters), it is important to state this and discuss your confidence in the match between the results you obtained and those in the paper. It is helpful to explicitly divide the discussion into sections, and make sure each section carefully addresses the key questions in the rubric. Your citations are appropriate, but you need to dig into the literature more and provide more depth to each part of your discussion section. You write well, so you certainly have the basis here for doing an excellent final version of the discussion.

--Hillel Chiel (talk) 17:10, 27 April 2017 (EDT)