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Student Comments

1. Work on the format of the paper: make sure to create a sub header with the name and date that is separate from the actual paper. Also, italicize the title of the paper and make sure your equations have the correct superscripts or subscripts. When you create a new paragraph, a double enter in wikitext will show up as a regular enter.

2.“The paper focuses on the creating large-scale…” should be “focuses on creating large-scale”

3. “Somewhat mutually exclusive” is awkward phrasing and a bit confusing as to what you mean.

4. “This model appears to be the better choice over others like the integrate-and-fire model because of it is overly simple…” should be “because it is overly simple”

5. The part of the hypothesis where is says " presented that is as biologically authentic" needs to be phrased differently.

--Lexi Meglio (talk) 21:16, 8 March 2017 (EST)

Instructor Comments