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Student Comments

The author did a good job in explaining the focus of the paper and establishing a hypothesis. The first paragraph is clearly written and straightforward.

When it comes to "two other variables N(t) and Infx", the author states that they are held constant. But according to the paper, the values of Infx and N are not simply constant but varies. They are more likely to be parameters that have different values for each of the dynamic situations.

In the third paragraph, the author proposed the steps to reproduce the paper: " models of bifurcations, type I and II dynamics related to the parameters, and bistability". They are the three parts of the paper but it is confusing for first -time readers to understand. Those steps can be more clearly stated. One more simple sentence explaining each part will be more helpful for readers to understand what the author will be doing, such as model of bifurcation of what variable against what parameter, what are type I and type II dynamics related to parameters. --fxf78 (talk)

--James Mcginnity (talk) 08:45, 9 March 2017 (EST)

Clarity of speech, third paragraph, lines 1-2; The sentence "Our focus on..." should be re-written due to awkward wording. For example, it could be changed to "First, we will solve the one dimensional differential equation for equilibria and bifurcation values."

Advice; your paper only provides one state variable, so you should look for supplementary papers that demonstrate the effect of neutrophil concentration and external bacteria entering the system so that you have something to compare your model to. If you can't find any examples, you may need to provide additional, detailed explanations of your results to prove that they are correct.

Instructor Comments

This is a good proposal.

Bistable means multiple attractors exist at a fixed parameter level, not that varying a parameter can cause different attractors to emerge separately (that's a bifurcation).

Since neutrophil level is a parameter, you should use the symbol N, not N(t), which implies it varies in time like a state variable.

You should also be specific about which figures from the paper you will reconstruct, and in what order.

--Jeffrey Gill (talk) 15:37, 9 March 2017 (EST)