Benchmark I: Introduction

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Submit your text for Benchmark I, the Introduction to your term paper, on your own page of the class wiki, by clicking the link for Benchmark I that was created at the time you created the Term paper proposal.

Each student must submit his or her own Introduction, even if the ideas were discussed by members of a team.

Visit Editing help for help with writing on the wiki.

Be sure to complete the benchmark, then fill out the rubric and submit it at the same time, or you will not receive credit for submitting the benchmark.

Be sure to address the following in this part of your term paper:

  • Have you explained the significance of the problem?
  • Have you stated a clear, testable hypothesis and highlighted it?
  • Have you provided a list of references for your Introduction? (1 is inadequate, 5 may be sufficient, 10 or more are usually necessary for writing an Introduction of sufficient depth; references must be peer-reviewed publications, not news websites, Wikipedia, or other non-peer reviewed sources)
  • Are the references written out and properly formatted at the end of the document? That is, do they contain a full list of the authors, the full title, and all of the information necessary to retrieve the reference?

[Note that in the final term paper, you will also need to provide a brief overview of the Results that you have obtained, including a brief description of the model extension; but this will not be possible by the time you submit the first draft of your Introduction.]

Here are exemplary Introduction drafts that can help guide you as you write your own (note that the hypothesis is highlighted in yellow in each example):

If the term paper Introduction draft is accepted, you will receive 1 point towards the 50 points for the term paper.

If the term paper Introduction draft is not accepted, and needs to be revised, you will need to have it approved before you may proceed, but you may not receive any points for it.