Benchmark II: Model Description

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Submit your text for Benchmark II, the Model Description section of your term paper, on your own page of the class wiki, by clicking the link for Benchmark II that was created at the time you created the Term paper proposal.

Each student must submit his or her own Model Description, even if the ideas were discussed by members of a team.

Visit Editing help for help with writing on the wiki.

Be sure to complete the benchmark, then fill out the rubric and submit it at the same time, or you will not receive credit for submitting the benchmark.

Be sure to address the following in this part of your term paper:

  • Have you clearly distinguished, defined and described the state variables, parameters, and inputs to the model? It is particularly important not to confuse state variables with parameters.
  • Have you provided a term-by-term description of the components of your equations, so that it is clear that you understand what each represents?
  • Have you described the assumptions underlying the model?
  • Have you provided a description of how you simulated the equations?

In the final term paper, you must also add some additional details to describe how you extended the model, and this is a required part of the final term paper.

Here are exemplary Model Description drafts that can help guide you as you write your own:

If the term paper Model Description draft is accepted, you will receive 1 point towards the 50 points for the term paper.

If the term paper Model Description draft is not accepted, and needs to be revised, you will need to have it approved before you may proceed, but you may not receive any points for it.