Comments on other students' term paper benchmarks

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Earning point for comments on term paper benchmarks submitted by other students:

  • Comments are to be made on the Discussion page for the term paper proposal and for each term paper benchmark.
  • Do not edit another student's work, even if they give you permission to do so. We may penalize a student for doing this. Each student must write his or her own term paper.
  • Visit Editing help for help with writing on the wiki.
  • Comments must be made by the deadlines to receive credit.
  • Constructive criticism will gain points, up to a total of 1/2 point per benchmark. For example,
    • Pointing out a typo or a grammatical error will usually be worth up to 1/4 point;
    • Indicating how a sentence could be re-written will usually be worth up to 1/4 point;
    • Providing a thoughtful critique with concrete suggestions for improvement may also be worth up to 1/4 point.
  • Students will be randomly assigned to provide critiques to other students.
  • Each student will get evaluations from two different students for each term paper benchmark, so that a total of up to eight different students will critique your writing.